About DDS

Big city training with a small-town feel. A boutique dance studio of sorts. 

Diversity Dance Company began in 2013 and is completing a great fifth year together. The studio has a broad range of beginner dancers to competitive level dancers with hopes of continuing to build its programs- specifically the Preschool and adult programs. The competitive company remains small and tight knit where no dancer is a stranger. Classes are offered for ages 2-18 for both competitive and non-competitive levels as well as adult classes for ages 18 and up. 

Diversity dance studio strives to remain a part of students’ lives no matter where life may lead them. Because of the small student to teacher ratio, teachers can connect with the students and get to know more about their goals, their passions, their families and to help them achieve anything they are interested in inside and outside of the dance room. Dance helps build relationships. It helps to build a solid ground of work ethic, creativity, vulnerability and trust. Dance has a way of reminding students of the importance in believing in something and the beauty of always remaining a work in progress. A relationship with dance is one to fall in love with and teaches dancers the ins and outs of their own mind, body and soul. Diversity staff are not only passionate about dance training but life training as well. Almost anything taught in a dance class can be related to and built upon in every day life.

“The qualities often admired in great dancing are the same qualities admired in great human beings: honesty, courage, fearlessness, generosity, wisdom, depth, compassion and humanity.”- Alonso King

Our Team

Our team is comprised of highly-skilled instructors, who collectively bring 70+ years of dance experience and countless awards to the classroom.

Taylor McKie
Taylor McKie

Owner & Director

Taylor McKie grew up dancing in the DFW area, and has nearly 25 years of experience. She had several years of training at local studios such as Dancin' Feet Performing Company and Motion Center for Dance as well as multiple opportunities to travel and experience all that dance has to offer through conventions, workshops, and performance opportunities. She has performed in and choreographed for multiple shows in the DFW area.  She has been recognized for her work with several choreography awards. She is proud to have been a a part of the Dallas Young Artists and Junior Players creative teams, as well as experience with Garland Summer Musicals. She loves to explore her passion of dance through teaching and connecting with her students. Her dance teachers had such an impact on her life growing up and she hopes to carry on the light, love and knowledge that she gained from them. She is hoping to help build character, humility, passion and motivation in every dancer she works with.  She takes prides in impacting the next generation to celebrate diversity. After all, it is the one thing we have in common. 

Jana Mitchell
Jana Block Mitchell

Instructor & Choreographer

Jana Mitchell has been a prominent part of the DFW dance scene for about 30 years now. She previously owned a studio called Dancin’ Feet for 17 years, and directed a cut-throat, highly competitive company. Dancin’ Feet was recognized as a Top 50 Studio in the United States by Dance Spirit Magazine. Many of Jana’s former students have gone on to work as professional dancers, choreographers, and studio owners. She pours her heart in to teaching and she has helped our dancers find their strength both inside and outside of the dance room. 

Dani Scheurich
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Dani Scheurich has grown up dancing on and off since she was about three years old. She started dancing competitively in middle school and didn’t stop until she graduated high school.  This is her first year on staff and she is doing an incredible job! Dance helped her grow as a person and she hopes to help younger kids find a way to express themselves and work hard.

Instructor & Choreographer

Kiara McKinney
Kiara Mitchell


Kiara Mitchell grew up in the dance studio… Literally. She put on her first pair of dance shoes at 18 months old, and danced competitively until she graduated high school. During high school, she was a lieutenant on the Marcus Marquettes drill team, while also competing and teaching. Kiara performed in events such as the Super Bowl XLV halftime with the Black Eyed Peas and many other performing artists. Since returning to the DFW area after college, Kiara has joined the Diversity staff year-round.